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Webcam with mic on TP.SK508.PB801
Hi everyone i am new in this forum and i need help plz, i have a TV 50” with TP.SK508.PB801 board, and i am trying to make a video call with messenger or any other app, i installed a usb webcam with built in mic, after making a video call the webcam worked fine but the mic didn’t work, i was able the hear the people on the other side but they couldn’t hear me at all, i tried to test my webcam and mice with some online website, and as before the webcam worked bit not the microphone, in some way the tv is not detecting that my webcam have a builtin microphone, so plz if anyone have an idea on what’s happening here, and if there is anyway to install some driver to make it work. Thx in advanced
come on guys, no one have a answer for my problem, there is no tv specialist here in this forum!!!
never experienced. if you successful then also share with us
share results also with us

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