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Hello friends.

I live in turkey. My name is Orhan ANGIN. I have a Dijitsu DJT55SH TV. Wisdom share smart cloud tv loaded on television. Board of TV: TP.SK706S.PC822. Do you have any information about this board?

I own Dijitsu DJT55SH 55 "139 Screen Satellite Receiver Android Smart 4K Ultra HD LED TV.

Android Version: 9
Board: TP.SK706S.PC822
Software: DJT55SH V.2 16.06.2020
It has 8GB internal memory and 1.5GB ram

As you know, it is possible to show the usb memory or sd card as internal memory in android.

For this process, I have to go into the settings, enter the storage, format the usb memory as internal memory.

However, this TV does not have a normal android settings menu. I have not installed different launchers. I have not installed different settings apk, I cannot access one-type storage settings.

How should I go about this?

contact with the company support

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