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Full Version: more than 3lnbs
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hello sir

you are doing great job. i am having problem with using more than 3 lnbs. whenever i tried to add 4 lnb in the disec and turn on the reciever the reciever goes to the red light and stuck as something is short. the lnb is not faulty as when i use it independently it works fine.
kindly suggest me if its the problem of reciever that it doesnot work with more than 3lnbs? or disec switch or any wire coming from dish to disec..
reciever name is star trek magic with 1506F board.
thanks in advance.
maybe DiSEqC switch faulty/short

I connected 7 LNBs with 8 port DiSEqC. it's working fine
I want to use more than one numbers in the same account. Let me know if it is possible with Axvoice. How much I will have to pay for that.
get idea from youtube videos