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Full Version: TP.S506.81 firmware
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need the firmware for the following TV:

Brand: Platinum (discontinued company) - TV also sold as Kogan Agora
Brand number: PT5518LED (Kogan possibly sells it as KALED55XXXZA)
SW name: SIS506BD81.bin (Kogan uses that version for 60 inch tv)

I have tried to install the Kogan firmware (SIS506BD81.bin from Kogan's website) and the TV works perfectly but the remote doesn't, possibly because the remote codes are different. However, Kogan 55 inch TV (KALED55XXXZA) user manual shows exactly the same remote as PT5518LED

I'm providing the board details that I took a picture of before the platinum firmware got buggy. Can you provide a firmware that will work with this board, any brand is ok as long as the tv and remote works.

If kogan software is working fine then you should use universal remote
(03-17-2020, 12:59 PM)aplkdu Wrote: [ -> ]If kogan software is working fine then you should use universal remote

I should correct myself when I say the TV works perfectly. The TV colours are a bit washed, I have tried to change the settings but nothing seems to fix  that and the HDMI ARC port isn't working. Platinum software did have a setting for HDMI CEC and ARC but the Kogan software doesn't so I can't enable it either.

I did check the universal remotes online and lots of forums mentioned that the Kogan codes don't work, maybe because the codes weren't standardised until much later.

I think the firmwares are stock standard with the splash screen changed based on what company is selling the tv. Is there a way to get a few firmwares that might be compatible with the board I got?
TP.S506.81 or T.S506.81B is a simple board mean not android but the software you want is not available right now
Thanks for the help.