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Full Version: Can't install firmware
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i have been trying top install firmware on tp.vst59s.pb813 (32") and it just doesnt pick it, am i doing anything wrong why isnt it working. i have looked it up all the sites i have checked say to just simply format the usb copy th .bin file plug it in the card, give the card power, the light will start flashing and once its done, its done. i have been tryiong for past 2 hours itws not working can anyone help me? or tell me what m i doing wrong?
and when i tried updating the firmware from the menu it says "cant detect software" when its the only thing on the drive. Dodgy
i am so confused and furious.
USB Boot firmware only can be loaded by USB disk. i think you are trying to load/update the dump file. for more details follow the link: